Surface Treatment for Metal Accessories

Surface treatment on the metal accessories may be done for several purposes. These purposes may include making them stronger and protecting them against rust and corrosion. Moreover, surface treatment for metal accessories may also enhance the beauty of these metal accessories to add a personalized touch, label the accessories, make them more attractive, or convert them into a piece of jewelry.


Engraving a metal accessory is one of the most common practices to treat the surface. This is done using different techniques like a scraper to carve something on metals, a graver, or a spit stick. A very suitable approach to engraving metal accessories these days amounts to laser engraving. It offers a very quick and comparatively neatest way to engrave metal.

Metal accessories that have been treated with the engraving procedure will have a little rough finish on the engraved part since metal is cut from that area to dig and write whatever is required.

Make sure to remove any stains or marks on the accessories that you would want to be engraved, and then draft a rough sketch using a pen or a marker that makes it visible. Now using your respective tool, start the process of engraving using the sketch and following it correctly. Once done, make sure to remove the remains of metal cuttings and make the metal accessory ready to be used. This process works out both ways making the engraving deep and embossed on the metal surface.


Have you ever thought about how pearls may be fixed with metal surfaces? To do this, the metal is subjected to different kinds of surface treatments so that it becomes capable of holding the pearls in place and allows having a pearl-studded look.

The process of pearl-studding on metals is usually done to create jewelry; however, nowadays, many furniture pieces may also hold pearls attached with metals to enhance the beauty of the furniture pieces. This process also goes for decorative accessories.

Pearl-studding requires the metal to offer a good base as a surface over which the pearl would be stuck. So, the first step is to identify what kind of design is expected out of this process. The metal has to be shaped accordingly to achieve the surface for placing the pearl.

Now, there are two ways in which a pearl may be attached to the metal surface, and the first one is to shape the metal in a way that it can hold the pearl on its own. To achieve this, the metal has to be cut, and a holder kind of layout is to be drafted.

The second choice is simply sticking the pearl on the metal surface; The chosen metal is flattened in terms of its base, and over this base, a stud may be applied using adhesive glue.


Diamond studded metal accessories are also very commonly used and created. These are used for jewelry, furniture enhancement, buttons and many decorative things. These might not always hold the actual diamonds, but the cut allows adjusting other stones, like zircon, to give a diamond look.

Diamond studded metal accessories involve fixing the stone deep in the metal base. The metal base has to be prepared accordingly.

To carry out the process of diamond studding on metals, you have to create the spaces on the metal base using the melting techniques. The areas where you have to fix your stone need to be marked, and taking the dimensions of the stones, you have to melt the marked position of the metal. These melted areas appear as holes, and in them, you can easily glue the stones or diamonds, which is how diamond studding may be achieved on the metals.


Dispense is a process through which electronic glue, oil, or any other liquid is applied. This application is carried out by dripping and potting the liquid on the product, and the product then plays the role of potting, sticking, insulting, and smoothing the metal surface.

In this process, the metal surface that is to be treated is kept under a dispense tool. This tool has a needle attached to it which is quite pointed yet thick. Upon the start of the treatment, the machine tends to fill all the areas that are pre-engraved on the metal surface. This dispense tool is backed by a computing technology that helps make a design.

Colors of choice may be introduced in the metal surfaces and offer a very unique finish adding life to the surface. It works as a color filler and is carried out for several kinds of metal surfaces.

Polish Glue On Metal Surfaces

Polish glue on metal surfaces is done to provide a clean and shiny base. The polish adhesive is usually applied after engraving or etching is carried out over a piece of metal. It becomes a little rough and unfinished when you do away with the grinding or engraving of a metal surface. Polish glue brings it back to a very neat and shiny position back so that you may have a sparkling clean accessory.

To finish the metal surfaces using a polish glue, first, you have to clean the metal surfaces. This deep cleaning may be done using an abrasive paste, and then you can apply polish glue on the metals so that their surface is shiny and clean once again and the engraved text or design is also more visible.

Printing On Metal Surface

You might have seen several metals have prints on them. These prints may be in text, numbers or pictures. This could be done for branding, to enhance the beauty of the metal pieces and provide them with a mark of identification.

The procedure of printing metal surfaces may have several steps to be followed; the technique which allows you to carry out this task is discussed below:

  • A huge printing technology is involved in carrying out this procedure and it is connected to a computer that determines the design or text that has to be printed over metal surfaces.
  • Once the design and text is finalized the metal surface is ready to be printed and for this it is kept under the printing tool at a place where it will be subjected to printing.
  • As soon as the instruction is given to the computer for printing, the message sent to the printer makes it press the design frame over the below kept metal surface.
  • After pressing down, the tool is moved back and forth which is responsible for the printing process.
  • When the round is completed by this tool, the metal surface would be printed with whatever is being assigned to it for the purpose.

Laser for Metal Surface Treatment

Laser resurfacing may be done on metals to apply a thick coat on them to gain more resistance against weather, rust or corrosion. The process of anodizing and coating metals is accompanied using laser metal surfacing.

In the process of laser treatment for the surface of metals, a high laser beam is used over the metals to print a design over them. This could be done to make a design over the metal surface or to get the logo of the brand printed.

Laser treatment for metal is associated with the design pre-determined on a computing device. According to this design, the laser beam is then moved over the metal and design is created.

Rotten Engrave

Rotten engraving on metals can be done to carve the brand names and labels deeply on the metal accessories that are attached to different products. This comprises a deeper engraving done to enhance the metals.

Rotten engraving may be done on metal surfaces through a unique process discussed below.

  • The surface to be treated is cleaned, and all kinds of dust and dirt are removed first.
  • This metal surface is then covered with a very thin plastic film explicitly used for this purpose and is pressed over the surface properly.
  • The text to be engraved is already printed on a thick acrylic base, and it is placed on the plastic film attached to a metal surface with a weight kept on it, and it is left to rest for some time.
  • The film that was stuck initially is pulled out, and the metal surface is led into a ferric chloride solution; this makes the entire text rotten engraved on the metal surface.

Metal surface treatments help give metals the desired look. It could be to enhance the metal surfaces or protect these and lead to the long-lasting durability of the metal accessories.

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