Bee Hollow Shank Button

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Zinc Alloy


2000pcs of custom, 300pcs of wholesale


$0.41~0.52 USD

The lively little bees and the delicate lace clearly enter the eyes, giving a high-level and playful feeling.


This product has four colors, each color has its own characteristics, and the pattern of the little bee in the middle can be customized according to different customer needs. It can be seen that its material is zinc alloy, which can make complex pattern engraving, especially some details is better than ordinary copper material. It can be seen that the details of the pattern are very detailed and clear, its lace ring is hollow design and very exquisite and durable, and its surface is treated with artificial epoxy. It can be applied to some advanced suits to add character and charm to clothes.

Product Code: DA817

Dimensions: 17mm

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