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Global Recycled Standard Trims

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TC Provided. Metal Products Not Including Surface Treatment

Metal Trims

Zinc alloy and brass materials for button, buckle, cord lock, cord end, badges etc., available.

Biodegradable Resin Trims

Using the latest biodegradation technology, suitable for all kinds of polyester resin, to achieve the biodegradation target. When the products produced with biodegradable materials are discarded in landfill, a variety of different microorganisms can be attracted to erode the digestive polymer products in an active microbial environment. Depending on the amount of additives, the size and thickness of the products and environmental factors, it usually takes 2-5 years for the products to be completely biodegradable in the landfill environment.

Recyclable Coconut Shell Trims

The recyclable product is an integral part of the customer’s use of the recyclable program, which is customized for environmentally conscious customers.

The products are made from natural coconut shells, through embryo cleaning, material selection, machine or hand processing, polishing, waxing and other processes.

Fully Automatic Cap Cord Injection

Full automatic injection plastic head, can resist all kinds of washing dry cleaning and other related tests. Environment-friendly material, rope and glue head can be produced by recycled materials, in line with GRS requirements and obtained the certificate. Precision tolerance control of finished products can avoid the traditional uneven size phenomenon, and the joint between the rope and the glue head is rounded without indentation.

Night Light Accessories

The product is made of bright long – term luminous material and plastic. Ten minutes of sunlight or fluorescent light during the day can produce light for four hours. In the dark environment, it can obviously increase the degree of identification, which has the role of warning safety, and the street is full of cool feeling.

Straw Composite Accessories

Straw belongs to the biological raw material, is made from natural straw wheat peel and other natural substances through multiple processes. It has some characteristics of plastic, its composite material and petroleum base material both have the characteristics of recycled material, and the straw is fully fused into the finished product. This product meets GRS requirements and has obtained GRS certificate.

Plastic + Fiber Granule Patches

This method uses our TPU, PVC, silica gel, voltage and other various process practices into the regenerated PET fiber particles, the regenerated PET material has multi-color and multi-wire diameter optional, the inflow can be controlled, this process gives people different visual enjoyment.

Recycled TPU Trim

Recycled TPU refers to waste TPU products or used TPU products such as mobile phone cases, washers and casters, which are recycled and decomposed into plastic materials for use. TPU is a plastic material with excellent performance, which can meet the performance requirements of general products, meet the requirements of GRS, and obtain the GRS certificate.

Fish Type Clasp

This is a new type of plastic adjusting buckle, superior performance, the material can meet the OEKO standard and GRS requirements, repeat more than 10,000 times after the buckle force is not reduced. It is widely used in the design of door flapstick, cuff, trouser and cap buckle. It can replace some Velcro. The buckle length and the buckle distance can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the color can be customized. This product button more quiet, more smooth, is the best choice for your design.

GRS ownership: Textile Exchange;

GRS logo hanging conditions: the proportion of regenerative components ≥50%, (certification bodies or end buyers plan to hang GRS LOGO on the product needs special attention).